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What up

Okay, trying to post more often then i used to. Nothing of any real note happen recently. I'm still working, Yay, And the most interesting thing i do is sit on my comp when i get a free moment. Kinda sucks but thats okay.
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Holy crap, its been like almost 2 years since i've made a post. Since my last post, wal-mart finished it's remodle, shortly after that They Fucking fired me! about a week before thanksgiving. Had thanks giving, then got employed at tesoro about a week after thanksgiving.

Okay also in all of that, My daughter is doing awsomely she is grown so much, she walks talks and terrorizes. My son was born on the 14th of december, he is now 2 months old. an my wife thinks he's starting to teeth already.

For this last cristmas, my sister got me WOW and an account for it, And has gotten my quite into the game. It's fun YAY! I don't get alot of time to play though, since my best time to play the game is when i go to work. and I work grave yards.

Okay, this seems addiquit(sp?) for an overview update.
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Okay, Im doing good. Life is going good. Daughter is good. Wife Is good. Work is good. EVERYTHING IS GOOD!!!

I got Guitar Hero and I LOVE IT!!!!

Guitar Hero 2 has Trogdor from Stongbad and Thunder Horse From Metalacolypse.

Anyhow. I got a quiz thingy here for yall.

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Okay, I've nearly got my Tau army complete. And hopefully I'll get to actualy play a battle with them here with in the next few weeks. I'm most likely going to get my ass kicked though. Seeing as my likely opponent are the blasted Tyranids. Grr....

Anyhow. Work is going about normal now. Schedual isn't concrete like I was hoping it would be, Granted it is the holiday season. I'm hoping to get a decently set schedual with set days off except for Drill weekends.

Anyhow. I don't have much else to post, so I'll take off for now.

-Waves- Laters
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Long time no Update

Okay, Hey yall, I know its been a long time since i've posted anything here. First off, I've been transfered inside of wal-mart. So, I'm no longer outside freezing my ass off. I also had drill this last weekend. I Did however freeze my ass off then. I spent a good long time outside and driving an LMTV all weekend.

Life in general is pretty good. I'm getting more money from my transfer, My daughter is growing fast and is realy smart. My wife and I are getting along realy well. All in all I'm happy with my life. Down side is, I keep failing my pt test. I know, I know, It's my own fault. Doesn't make me feel anybetter telling me this. -shrugs- Whatever.

Take care all. Hope to post agian soon.
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Blue Wolf

Life.... is.... whatever.

Hey yalls. I guess life is good. Not alot to complain about. Accept for the fact for most of the last week I've been the only cartpusher in at walmart. It sucks, have most managment yelling at me and freaking out because there's no carts in the building and I'm like. "Sorry. I'm one human being versus the entire shopping population of Wal-mart." And I shrug past them and go on about my day.

Anyhow. I spent this evening hanging out with my friends monte and sheena, and found out that one of their neighbors is a former co-worker. So, that was cool. In general Life here in AK is good to me.

But I've realy nothing else to talk about. Take care yalls.
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Whaz, Up!

Hey all, I know its been a while since I posted. I just recently found the power cord for my laptop, So, I finaly get to use my laptop again.

I've moved again, been here for about 2 months now. All and all me and my family are doing well, Adriana is doing great. Me I'm doing alright. Work sucks, as usual. Several stock men have quit/got fired. So, I'm all overworked and shit.

Any how, This last thursday I went to the Avenged Sevenfold concert In ancorage. It was fucking awsome. It was short, but good. I wish it was longer than it was. My friends told me that concerts tend to be longer. But i'm not too worried bout it.

Uhm. cant think of anything else to post, So I'll post again sometime later.
Bu-byes Peoples.
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Okay, Well. For starters. I'm still working the same job, it sucks, as usual. I'm almost carrying everyone else in my area on my back. I'm getting agrivated about it. But thats how life a Wal-Hell goes.

Anyhow. On to cooler things. I'm starting into a new campain started by my new DM/GM (which ever you wish to call it) So far we've only done a little into session, it's sizing up to be quite fun. We've got a mostly human group, accept for the elf rouge and the half drow wizard. The fighter (ME!!) is going for the (home made) Prestige class of SOLDIER(Think ff7) and the we've the male paladin of Sune, the cleric of Bast (y'know the egyptian cat god) and the snipy ranger. I'll give some actual story when we've done more of the game. I'm hoping it's going to be alot of fun.

On to stuff about the family. My wife is doing alright, she's gettin stressed a bit with Adriana and SSI being ignorant. Adriana is doing well. She has her bottom front two teeth already and is cutting the top front 2 and is starting in on her molars as well. Needless to say, she is being quite the fuss bucket.

Any how. Life goes on, as it always will.
Take care.
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Dude. I'm home alone. Well not realy right now. I'm at my parents house right now. But thats a story for a little while later. I say I'm home alone because my darling wife, Arjorie has gone to Texas for her cousins wedding. Hopfully she's having fun there in Texas, I doubt she had a fun trip cause she took Adriana down with her on the plane. So I'm quite literaly home alone. I guess she is being introduced to a swimming pool here in the next few days, If not earlier today. I missed calling Arjorie and Adriana cause I stayed at my folks house after drill today (Oh yeah, It's also Drill weekend!) But I came over here to my parents house to help Dad replace the started in his truck. It was interesting and I spent way longer here than I expected to. I was supposed to call Arj around 6 and here it is nearly 8, Which means it will be too late to call her at her grandmothers house. Being ten in Texas and all. But hey. I think this is the longest Journal post I've made in a long while so. I'll Let every one read and leave this post as you see it.
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Well. Life is normal. Pushing carts and dealing with ignorant people. I got my yearly eval yesterday. Got a raise. I'm happy with that.

Adriana is doing well. She sleeps all night most nights. Her kidney isn't giving any further problems and Hopefully after my wife comes back from Texas, from her cousins wedding, we'll learn more on my daughters' partial hearing loss. Her apointment for that test is on the 14th on june. But yeah. I've got to get to work.

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